Our Approaches

PMO Deployment

PMO Deployment, Operation, and Enhancement

PMO AssessmenT

Carrying out Project Management Office maturity

Program and Portfolio Management

Effective and seamless coordination of group of projects across various teams

Agile Methodology

Implement and tailor the agile methodology as per the needs of the project as well the organization.

Project Management

Ensures end-to-end seamless project execution

New Product Development

Conceptualize, design, develop and market new products

Resource Management

Inception and implementation of all the required processes and techniques for effective management of resources to meet business objectives.

Cost Reduction Initiatives

Identify and implement all the required strategies to eliminate the source of waste, underutilization or low business value in the IT budget.

Infrastructure Program Management

Effective management of infrastructure projects

Vendor Management

Define and implement the required organizational process for the effective management of the external vendors.

Strategy Execution

Analyse, identify, design and execute the strategic plans to achieve organizational goals.

Data centre consolidation

Consolidate all the involved servers, storage systems, network systems into a more efficient set of systems.

Regulatory Compliance

Identify and establish all the required rules which the organization should follow for the safety of information and resources.

Process improvement

Monitor, evaluate and improve the existing processes periodically.

System Integration Deployment

Bring together all the platforms and applications to perform as a whole system

Portfolio & Program Governance Approach

  • It provides the facility to check how competencies required for a proper Portfolio – Program-Project governance.
  • Provides high levels of visibility which helps in informed decision-making.
  • Improved project selection process by enabling the organization to select the right projects to adhere to business goals.
  • Minimize risks, maximize business impact and facilitating capability to detect deviations in real-time.
  • Provides an overview of any deviation from planned to real scenarios instantaneously and so help in delivering projects within time and budget.
  • Boost productivity with enhanced team collaboration and by providing a real-time view of the progress projects to all stakeholders.

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