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As the digital marketplace has expanded considerably, here are a handful of our valued customer partners

Vriba is a Digital Transformation Organisation

Digital Transformation is necessary to foster your growth in the competitive market. Digital Transformation is there with the potential to upscale your business and opens a new door to success.

  • Accelerating business processes with automation
  • Meet changing customer expectations
  • Increased agility and Innovation
  • Enhanced Productivity


( Public/Private and Hybrid)

Seamless Transition, Limitless Possibilities: Embrace Cloud Implementation.

  • Scalability: Scale your infrastructure resources as per the demand.
  • Cost Efficiency: Reduced capex lowers your cost of R&D and actual solutions.
  • Globally available - Enables global team collaboration.
  • Speed and Agility: Run time provisioning accelerates development, testing, and deployment processes.
  • Reliability and Redundancy: Zero downtime for business
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Digital Transformation

Establishing and executing digital competencies for delivering digital outcomes:

  • Speeding up business processes through automation
  • Heightened agility and innovation
  • Elevated ROI & Productivity
  • Adapting to evolving customer demands

AI - Generative and Productive

Fostering Innovation and Efficiency: Harnessing Generative AI for Productivity by using the below steps.

  • Understand business landscape: Assess your organization’s needs, challenges, and goals
  • Define use cases: Identify specific use cases.
  • Prepare for data: Assess data availability, infrastructure, governance, and security to support generative AI.
  • Monitor and optimize: Regularly evaluate performance, refine models, and adapt to changing needs.
  • Scale as per the demand: Design a flexible architecture to accommodate growth and future advancements in this technology.
  • Accelerating business processes with automation


Welcome to Vriba Cybersecurity Solutions, where we specialize in safeguarding your digital assets from the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.

  • Expertise: With a proven track record of launching successful ventures, our team possesses the insight to identify lucrative opportunities in the cybersecurity sector.
  • Industry Growth: The cybersecurity market is booming, with projections indicating exponential growth from $167 billion in 2022 to over $400 billion by 2030. Our services capitalize on this expanding market to deliver unparalleled value to our clients.
  • Tailored Solutions: We recognize that every client is unique, which is why we offer personalized services tailored to address specific cybersecurity needs and challenges.
  • Innovation: Our commitment to innovation ensures that we stay ahead of emerging threats, providing proactive solutions to mitigate risks effectively.


Unlock transformative ServiceNow solutions with Vriba: revolutionizing IT, elevating service, optimizing HR, and fortifying cybersecurity. Seamlessly aligning with business goals, we empower growth through our deep expertise in the ServiceNow Platform®. Trust Vriba as your partner in navigating digital transformation with precision and excellence.

  • Innovative IT Service Management: Experience seamless IT service delivery with Vriba's innovative IT Service Management solutions powered by ServiceNow.
  • Customer-Centric Service Management: Elevate the customer experience with Vriba's Customer Service Management solutions built on the ServiceNow platform.

Industries We Serve


We innovate the commercial aviation-spanning applications, databases, and infrastructure "below and above the wing" in a SaaS/PaaS/IaaS.

Consumer Packed Goods

Utilize cutting-edge digital and AI transformation tools to modernize and automate legacy applications, databases, and infrastructure.

Communication Services

Delivering product implementation, project services, and maintenance for the next-gen networks of key telecom players.


Navigating Tomorrow's Tech Landscape: Empowering Minds through IT Enablement.


Team supporting health plans nationwide for Telehealth and In–Home visits with enhanced clinical services.

Retail Services

Modernizing Retail for latest technology for better end user experience, less operations and optimized Business.

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